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10 best innovation podcasts to listen to right now

James Gore - Corporate Affairs Lead
Corporate Affairs Lead
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Looking to make your commute that little bit more thought provoking? Can’t face taking the agonising decision of what innovation podcast to choose next? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you.

This list of our favourite podcasts about innovation was curated by the team at ForrestBrown. From geophysics to cardiology, civil engineering to disruptions in crypto design, there’s more than enough here to get you through rush hour that little bit smarter.

Seismic Soundoff

Keen for some in-depth conversations in applied geophysics? Look no further. Each monthly episode of Seismic Soundoff highlights emerging research and technology trends through contributions from industry leaders, exploring contemporary geophysical theory, as well as environmental challenges and engineering applications. Episode 143 ‘Building a volcano Early Warning System’ is a particular highlight, featuring an animated discussion between two geological scientists who worked on Pico de Orizaba, the highest volcano in Mexico.

Aerospace Engineering

This podcast is essential listening for innovators in the aerospace industry. These interviews with aerospace pioneers working at the cutting edge are a fantastic resource for insight into the latest aerospace R&D as well as historical perspectives on the development of the industry. If ‘Deployable Space Structures’ and the development of ‘Low Boom Supersonic Passenger Aircraft’ is your thing, the Aerospace Engineering Podcast will grab and keep hold of your attention.

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The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Podcast

An international peer reviewed medical journal, the BMJ’s mission is to be the world’s most influential and widely read medical publication, with a focus on improving outcomes for patients through stimulating debate between doctors, researchers, and other health professionals. It’s first edition was published in 1840.

The BMJ podcast takes the form of very short specialist episodes lasting less than ten minutes as well as longer general interest pieces stretching to half an hour or more. Expect incisive, detailed debate on topics such as cardiology, supporting insulin dependent patients in warzones and meta-analysis of advances in pain relief medication for management of osteoarthritis.

Fintech Insider

This bi-weekly podcast is dedicated to all things fintech, banking, technology, and financial services. With 672 episodes in the back catalogue, you’d expect expert analysis of the latest trends in the market and that’s exactly what you get. Big discussions of big ideas in digital banking and beyond

With deep dives into what TikTok can teach us about the impact of financial education on Generation-Z, as well as looking at how the 3rd Payment Services Directive (PSD3) will shape the future of open banking, to asking what good crypto design looks like for traditional finance audiences, the depth of knowledge and observation here is unmatched. For thought leaders, disruptors and those looking to understand how technology will shape our financial futures, this podcast is guaranteed to pique your interest.

The Engineers Collective

For those who are curious about the future and how engineers will keep our towns and cities running, The Engineers Collective Podcast is produced by New Civil Engineer.

Each episode takes us on a comprehensive journey through the most interesting challenges faced those working in the built environment. From exploring how 3D printing is changing the development of concrete structures, to considering the role of carbon as a currency driving circularity in civil engineering – this is vital listening for engineering specialists and eye opening for everyone else.

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The Life Scientific

The Life Scientific is the BBC’s flagship science podcast in which Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work, exploring their inspirations and questioning what their discoveries will mean for our future.

From exploring ‘why mud is so glorious and how it can help us fight climate change’ to the relationship between machine learning and the philosophy of consciousness. The gold standard for publicly funded science journalism – rigorous but entertaining and accessible.

The Changelog

A podcast for polyglots – conversations with hackers, leaders, and innovators from the software world. The Changelog gives space for insightful discussion into all programming and platforms. For open-source aficionados looking to keep up with developments in a fast-paced community.

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The Science History Institute (USA) ‘collects and shares the stories of innovators and of discoveries that shape our lives with a focus on preserving and interpreting the history of chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences.’ Their podcast ‘Distillations’ combines detailed science histories and interviews with innovators to delve into complex and compelling issues such as the chemistry of old age, developments in male birth control and the efforts to design a diagnostic test for the novel coronavirus.

Redefining Energy

Bi-monthly explorations of how the world of energy is being radically redefined through technological innovations, finance, markets, regulations, and digitisation. Expect thoughtful debate on topics such as the rising tide of electric shipping, the future of power distribution networks and decarbonisation in aviation.

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How I built this with Guy Raz

No innovation themed podcast roundup would be complete without mentioning How I Built This. Millions of listeners worldwide download a new episode every week, taking a deep dive into the process of some of the best-known innovators and entrepreneurs. Inspiration and intrigue come in equal measure, with masterclasses on innovation, creativity, and leadership from technological and scientific pioneers from across all sectors.

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