ForrestBrown is the UK’s leading specialist R&D tax credit consultancy. We offer unmatched technical expertise and are passionate about helping innovative businesses grow.

Who we are

Our commitment to excellence means that, when it comes to R&D tax credits, we’re the best in the UK. But, don’t just take our word for it. We were named ‘best independent consultancy firm’ at Tolley's Taxation Awards 2023 in recognition of our technical expertise and client service.

Bigger picture: we’re part of US consultancy alliantgroup, with the wider expertise and resources that brings.


Unmatched specialist technical firepower

When you work with ForrestBrown you’ll find our people energetic and passionate. We pride ourselves not only on our technical tax knowledge but also our client service and in-depth sector expertise. Our team of 120 chartered tax advisers, sector specialists, former HMRC inspectors and lawyers all focus on one thing only: R&D tax relief.

How we work with you

ForrestBrown can help no matter where you are on your R&D tax credit journey. We can offer advisory support in the form of one-off consultancy projects, or a fully end-to-end R&D tax credit claim service. We use a rigorous, continually improving process informed by policy-level insights. Built-in quality assurance maximises your R&D tax credit claim and protects you from risk. We ensure each claim stands up to HMRC scrutiny.

Our impact

Our work has created the equivalent of more than 12,000 technical jobs in the UK. Our clients operate in every industry sector, from SMEs through to large enterprises.
But as the saying goes, not everything that counts can be counted. Many advisers speak about their ‘success rate’ or ‘accepted claims’. ForrestBrown refuses to use these misleading statistics. Our excellence speaks for itself, in the testimonials of our happy clients and the ambitious projects we support with our R&D tax advice.

Why we don’t use ‘success rate’

We have delivered over 14,000 claims for our clients

James Cannings, Co-Founder & CTO, MMT Digital

Claiming R&D tax credits is a no-brainer. Don’t get hung up on terminology – ‘R&D’ covers a lot of different activity and ForrestBrown will guide you step-by-step. The pay-off of doing so can be phenomenal!

We’d love to talk to you

We’re privileged to see first-hand the positive impact that R&D tax incentives have on our clients’ businesses. We’d love to find out more about your business and discuss how we might be able to help.