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Large company R&D tax relief services

We take a proactive, agile approach to R&D tax relief services for large companies, tailored to your organisational structure and information systems. Our expert team flexes and scales to meet even the most complex client requirements.

We are experienced in submitting robust research and development expenditure credit (RDEC) claims, but our services stretch beyond end-to-end claim preparation to bespoke support for enquiries, development of in-house teams, due diligence and advice on international R&D programmes.

The government confirmed in the Autumn Statement 2023 that a merged R&D scheme will be introduced for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2024. Learn more about the merged scheme for R&D tax relief >

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Our R&D tax offering for large businesses

Managing complexity

We take a holistic view of large company R&D tax relief, striking the right balance between value and risk. We evaluate interdependencies with key business agendas. And we know that R&D activity can intersect different departments, group companies and tax jurisdictions.

With experience working with publicly listed and private companies as well as international groups, we are adept at managing multiple stakeholders to efficiently identify qualifying R&D and drive future investment.

Global reach, local presence

At ForrestBrown we are specialists in UK innovation incentives. As part of a global consultancy, we know how international businesses operate. This informs our advice on R&D tax, looking beyond national boundaries to take a coordinated global view.

Through our work to shape R&D tax policy we are actively engaged in consultation on proposed changes to the treatment of overseas activity and can provide strategic advice to mitigate the potential impact on global R&D programmes.

Adviser-led, technology-enabled

We reject a one-size-fits-all approach as we know that all businesses face unique and evolving challenges. Our technical and sector experts build strong relationships with your in-house teams on the ground to deliver flexible, robust and timely R&D tax advice on your terms.

We use our proprietary technology to support our highly experienced team allowing them to focus on your projects. Our technology allows us to work securely and collaboratively with teams across your organisation, wherever they are located, to help manage your unique data needs.

RDEC claim preparation for large companies

We deliver research and development expenditure credit (RDEC) claims for large companies – managing the end-to-end claim preparation or focusing on a specific aspect of your RDEC claim. We also offer consultancy services for your business if you are looking to focus on a particular element of your wider R&D tax strategy.

From internal teams and group businesses, to your CCM and external advisers, securing buy-in and demonstrating the benefits of your RDEC claim, we are experienced in engaging with and managing multiple stakeholders. In large businesses, R&D activity often intersects different departments, subsidiaries, sectors and jurisdictions. We take a holistic view, reviewing risks to ensure your R&D tax strategy fits with wider business objectives.

We combine our tax technical firepower with in-depth sector knowledge to uncover the full extent of your qualifying R&D. As R&D tax specialists with a team of 120+ across the UK, we’re able to deploy senior resources at pace and in parallel. Our chartered tax advisers and sector specialists will work directly with your finance and technical teams to gather all the information required for your RDEC claim.

Claiming R&D tax reliefs shouldn’t be a box ticking exercise. We work with you to develop a contemporaneous approach, capturing information to support your ongoing claim preparation. This approach delivers greater insight into your R&D projects in real time, providing visibility on your investment in innovation.

impact of RDEC changes on large companies

Changes to R&D claims 2024 & beyond

We take a closer look at specific considerations for larger businesses, groups and multinational enterprises around recent changes to R&D claims.

The experts you need to navigate your R&D tax advice

When claiming RDEC for your large business you want the best possible team on your side to efficiently handle complex information, understand the bigger picture and set you up for success.

We assemble a senior team of experts matched to your specific needs. They will then work tirelessly to protect your business and secure the best outcome for you. Your project team will be composed of:

  • qualified chartered tax advisers and chartered accountants
  • sector specialists with relevant industry experience
  • former HMRC R&D unit inspectors

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Jenny Tragner CA ATT (Fellow)

Director & Head of Policy

James Dudbridge

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James Dudbridge LLB


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Karim Budabuss CEng

Director – Grant Advisory

Jayne Stokes

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Jayne Stokes ACA

Associate Director

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Katy Long CTA CA

Associate Director

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Mark Andrew

Senior Tax Specialist and ex-HMRC Inspector

Phil Smith CTA

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Phil Smith CTA

Technical Lead

Tom Heslin technical specialist

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Tom Heslin MSc

Associate Director

Peter Beavis Sector Specialist

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Peter Beavis PhD MSci CSci CChem MRSC MIMMM

Senior Sector Specialist

How we work with your advisers

At ForrestBrown, we understand that R&D tax reliefs are just one part in your wider tax strategy. That’s why we work seamlessly alongside your existing business partners, from M&A advisers and investors to legal advisers and accountants. We ensure that you get the best combined technical firepower, acting as an extension of your team. By taking a hands-on approach to your RDEC claim preparation, we free up in-house teams to maintain oversight and ensure compliance with your wider financial strategy.

When working on your RDEC study, claim preparation or consultancy project, ForrestBrown’s approach to working with your accountant is led by you. We prioritise collaboration with your advisers and always focus on the value we can deliver to you, working in harmony with your accountant or HMRC CCM to make sure they have everything they need.

To find out more about how we work with your existing partners, read our KnowledgeBank article How will ForrestBrown work with my accountant to deliver R&D tax relief services?

Changes to R&D tax relief from 1 April 2024

SME R&D tax relief and the Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) will be merged for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 April 2024, although an enhanced rate for R&D intensive SMEs will continue to be available.

The merged scheme moves to a single rate and set of qualifying rules with elements from the existing two schemes, including clarification of subcontracted out and subsidised R&D. Restrictions on overseas R&D also come into force from 1 April 2024.

ForrestBrown’s expert team is on hand to help businesses understand what these changes will mean and what they can do to prepare.

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