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Our mission

It’s our mission to help innovative businesses grow using R&D tax incentives. We’re privileged to see first-hand the positive impact that R&D tax credits can have on a business.

Giving your business a culture of R&D means more innovation: safer risk-taking, larger claims, and overall business growth. Many of our clients use their R&D tax credit to hire new STEM talent and embark on even more ambitious R&D projects.

Our work has created the equivalent of more than 15,000 technical jobs in the UK - a vital pathway for future talent in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. This is good news for the economy, and ultimately helps the incentive achieves its aims.

With R&D tax incentives, the government wants to reward private sector innovation as a way to increase productivity. Let us help you access the credit your business deserves.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. We recruit the top talent in tax and from within industry, and train to the gold standard. We’re not content to stand still, and instead constantly challenge ourselves to learn and improve. This commitment to excellence results in superior advice and amazing results.


We value relationships above all else. Keeping our clients happy is what makes us tick. We communicate openly and honestly, and take time to understand your business to uncover the full extent of your R&D. Our approach is rigorous, with a quality assurance process built-in. This means our work is considered, fully-maximised and protected from risk.


We are energetic, driven and inquisitive by nature. We’re passionate about our clients, their innovation and the positive impact that R&D tax incentives can have – on a business and the UK economy as a whole. This common purpose drives us forward as a team and has a phenomenal impact.

ForrestBrown's Forest

ForrestBrown’s forest is our green initiative. It is a metaphorical forest, but one with real trees that helps our planet and vulnerable populations. It’s our way of giving something back.

tree outline illustration
The number of trees we've helped to plant so far!

For every R&D tax credit claim we complete, we’ll plant a tree in one of the most impoverished regions of Africa. In line with the vision of our fantastic partners at TREE AID, trees become the lifeline that helps locals out of extreme poverty and hunger. Villagers are trained in how to sustainably harvest the trees, providing produce that can be eaten or sold. Trees survive the droughts that cause crop failure, offering a much-needed safety net. In Africa’s drylands, trees mean life.

forrestbrown trees outline illustration

Our charitable giving

In previous years the ForrestBrown team has chosen to support; the MNDA (2019), BRACE (2018), and Headlight (2017). The team have raised tens of thousands of pounds through a host of creative activities, including; book and bake sale, with a competitive spinathon; a not-a-pub-quiz featuring aerial acrobatics and local Pieminster pies, 100-mile races, bake-offs, table-football competitions and much more.

ForrestBrown team spin for BRACE on the summer charity day Chris Alderson 2018 - race for BRACE Charity quiz aerialist on hoop at Circomedia BRACE cycle Full house at Circomedia Bristol for charity quiz Charity quiz winning team Gregg Latchams with Headlight and ForrestBrown Ele and cakes at charity bake sale for Headlight Mental Health Charity

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