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ForrestBrown is the UK’s leading specialist R&D tax consultancy. We’re passionate about how the incentive helps your business to innovate and grow. Wherever you are in the process, ForrestBrown can offer expertise and add value.

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Whatever stage you’re at with your R&D claim, our team are on hand to provide your business with specialist advice.

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In the first of a series of detailed discussions on technical tax topics, our expert team take a deep dive into contracting and R&D tax relief.

Get in touch to find out how changes to subcontracted and subsidised R&D could affect you and your supply chain.

How we can support you

Due diligence and R&D tax reliefs

We provide specialist support for the sale process to ensure all sides are confident that any R&D tax risks have been identified and mitigated, and the true extent of your innovation has been realised and rewarded.

With discovery assessments able to look back up to 20 years, R&D claims can represent a material risk to transaction value. Our pre-transaction support helps get claims in the best possible shape for scrutiny during the due diligence process, recognising that above-the-line R&D credits impact EBIT and drive valuations based on multiples.

Our expert team can review a company’s existing projects and claim history to provide an accurate assessment of risk as well as advising on strategy for future claims, post-sale implications for R&D tax and restructuring to maximise value.

Full R&D claim review

R&D tax claim reviews can range from comprehensive, end-to-end analysis of your preparation process to a focus on specific aspects such as project identification.

From high-level risk assessments to deep dives into your methodology, R&D claim reviews are tailored to meet your business objectives, whether maximising value, aligning with your wider tax strategy, or as part of your risk management process.

We deliver actionable insights in a format that works for you, from presentations to key stakeholders to practical tools your team can implement with support from us as required.

Ian Walter, Finance Director, Reliance Precision

ForrestBrown’s greatest strength is their faultless sector knowledge. We operate in a highly technical field so dealing with people who speak our language and listen to what we have to say is important. ForrestBrown’s guidance was clear and powerful.

Navigating global innovation strategy

We understand that UK R&D can be part of a global programme for many international companies.

Forthcoming changes to R&D tax relief in the UK will have implications for investment decisions and the location of R&D facilities in future. At the same time, tax regimes across the world are competing to attract inward investment. Our team provide comparative analysis of the latest innovation incentives available in different jurisdictions, assessing key OECD measures to inform your global R&D investment strategy.

This intelligence helps companies maximise claim value in each territory and deliver efficient and effective international R&D operations.

Developing your in-house team

We offer tailored technical support, training and senior counsel to in-house teams.

Using tools from one-to-one coaching to video-based learning and dedicated helplines, our experienced R&D tax consultants can share insights into the latest R&D tax relief guidance and enquiry trends.

Whether through an ongoing relationship, regular refreshers, or one-off assignments, we will partner with you to enhance the knowledge, skills and engagement of your in-house team.

HMRC enquiry support

Whether you are facing an R&D tax relief enquiry into a claim you prepared yourself or with another adviser or partner, our expert team will resolve your enquiry, securing the best outcome for your business.

Against the backdrop of HMRC’s changing approach to enquiries, we devise and deliver strategies, that balance preserving claim value, reducing risk of penalties, and securing speedy resolutions – all the while protecting the reputation of your business.

Whatever the stage of an enquiry you are at, our specialist team provides unrivalled insight and expertise. We handle all aspects of your enquiry working with you towards a resolution.

Head of Finance, Azimo

We were quickly reassured by ForrestBrown who immediately put together a very senior and specialist team to resolve the enquiry and handle all communications with HMRC. Their insight into HMRC’s processes and protocols enabled them to negotiate effectively on our behalf.

These are some of the services we offer, but every business is different. We’d love to hear from you whatever current opportunities or challenges you are facing.

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Assembling your expert team

Matching the right specialisms to suit your business needs is a key part of our R&D consultancy services. We will assemble an unrivalled team of experts, including chartered tax advisers and accountants, sector specialists, lawyers, former HMRC inspectors, quality assurance experts, as well as support from our account and project managers.

Jayne Stokes

Chartered tax advisers and accountants: to oversee your claim and analyse your costs.

Sector specialists: to identify project costs and the full extent of your R&D.

James Dudbridge profile pic

Enquiry specialists: lawyers and tax advisers to liaise with HMRC on your behalf.

Kelly Smith

Account and project managers: dedicated to you, optimising your ForrestBrown experience, keeping things on track.

Mark Andrew profile pic

Quality assurance: from a dedicated team including an ex-HMRC inspector.

A lasting partnership

At ForrestBrown, we understand that R&D tax reliefs are just one part of your wider tax and business strategy. That’s why we work seamlessly with and alongside your existing partners, from M&A advisers and investors to legal advisers and accountants. This ensures that you get the best combined technical firepower, acting as an extension of your team.

Businesses need a trusted, independent partner to protect them in an unregulated market and navigate the changing R&D tax landscape. ForrestBrown is a trusted partner to many of the UK’s most innovative businesses. Our practical R&D tax advice and proactive approach helps them secure funding to support their continuous innovation.

To find out more about how we work with your existing partners, read our KnowledgeBank article How will ForrestBrown work with my accountant to deliver R&D tax relief services?

Accountants: Do your clients need specialist support?

ForrestBrown work with accountants in different ways to provide specialist support and strengthen your client’s R&D claims, and ultimately your relationship. If you’re seeking support in providing expert R&D tax advice for your clients, then ForrestBrown’s market-leading team with sector specialist insight and experience is one you won’t find elsewhere. We’re always open and transparent, and happy to assist on an on-going or ad-hoc basis that works for you and your clients.

Aisha Perrott AAT CTA, R&D tax specialist, Old Mill

It’s nice to talk to ForrestBrown as if you’re our colleagues. I speak to staff at ForrestBrown quite frequently and you guys feel a part of my team […] Overall, every client I’ve referred has loved ForrestBrown’s way of working. It’s a great addition to Old Mill’s client service.

Would your business benefit from our expert team’s insight into your approach to R&D tax relief?

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