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ForrestBrown have helped us understand the full scope of our R&D. We were taking our work for granted before and failed to appreciate the potential value of R&D tax credits to our business.

Phil May, AJM Engineering

How we help UK businesses grow

At ForrestBrown we’re passionate about the transformative impact R&D tax incentives can have on a business. Our strategic advice ensures our clients get the credit their innovation deserves and secures them vital funding to accelerate their growth plans.

Are you already claiming R&D tax relief?

Unleash the full potential of your investment in innovation.

You’re already benefiting from R&D tax relief, but are you confident that you’re getting everything you deserve from this powerful incentive? Some R&D tax advisers are better than others – work with ForrestBrown to unlock more value now and long into the future.

  • Uncover potentially untapped activities or costs
  • Protect your business from risk
  • Save time when making a claim
  • Strategically plan for your future growth

With our previous R&D tax credit adviser, it was filling in form after form. Since switching to ForrestBrown, however, the process has been much smoother because we speak to their sector specialists on a peer-to-peer level.

Rob Foulkes, Founder & Managing Director, PSS Engineering

Are you making your first R&D tax credit claim?

Get the credit you deserve for your investment in innovation.

If you’re new to this government incentive, we’d love to help you make an R&D tax credit claim. Use the benefit you receive to take on more ambitious projects, hire new staff and grow your business.

  • Unlock substantial tax relief or a cash credit for doing R&D
  • Tackle bigger, more ambitious projects
  • Hire more skilled staff

R&D tax credits first came onto my radar through a friend who was working with ForrestBrown. Since then we’ve submitted six claims and the incentive has provided a valuable cash boost for our business. 100% of it is reinvested into developing our products.

James McPhail, Commercial Director, Carbon Gold

The ForrestBrown team

Are you facing an HMRC enquiry into your R&D tax credit claim?

Access unrivalled specialist technical expertise when you need it most. We will resolve your enquiry efficiently with the best possible result for your business.

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As the UK’s premier provider of specialist R&D tax credit advice, we offer unrivalled technical and sector expertise. Our team – including chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants, lawyers, sector specialists and former-HMRC inspectors – is what sets us apart.

ForrestBrown Education & Awareness team

Get the credit you deserve and fuel your growth

R&D tax credits have the potential to transform your business. We’d love to find out more about your business and discuss how we might be able to help. Speak to our team of chartered tax advisers, sector specialists and former HMRC inspectors today.