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How ForrestBrown’s consultancy helps Gravity take flight

The key to our success has been our relentless R&D programme -- and the key to that process has been ForrestBrown's support.

Richard Browning, Founder and CEO, Gravity Industries


Gravity Industries is a highly innovative, fast-moving start-up. This means relentless research and development (R&D), which is very cash intensive.


ForrestBrown’s process unlocks the value in Gravity’s R&D, providing much needed funding to reinvest in yet more innovation as the firm identifies new market opportunities.


Gravity has now started to test its innovative jet suit in a variety of applications, in the public and private sector. This has been made possible, in part, thanks to funding from R&D tax credits.

ForrestBrown works with businesses in all sorts of industries. And sometimes, relevant research and development (R&D) can be overlooked. Perhaps a business simply doesn’t view it as being innovative or it’s highly specialised, requiring a keen eye from our sector specialists.

Other times, R&D is blindingly obvious. Like, for instance, this 1000 horsepower jet suit made by Gravity Industries.

You’ve likely encountered Richard Browning before. The British inventor and entrepreneur is the founder of Gravity Industries and the chief test pilot of the suits. Richard’s invention has appeared in mainstream media, being tested by the Royal Navy to combat piracy or as a means for paramedics to reach remote casualties.

The suit has all sorts of real-world applications. And Gravity Industries uses R&D tax relief to “accelerate” its innovation, according to Richard. ForrestBrown’s process allows Richard to focus on the actual R&D while securing key funding for Gravity’s future.

The key to Gravity’s success has been its relentless R&D programme, Richard explains. “And a key part of that programme has been ForrestBrown’s support”.

Watch a video below where Richard speaks in more detail about Gravity Industries’ work with ForrestBrown:

ForrestBrown works with innovation and R&D in all its forms. We’re passionate about helping UK businesses grow, whether that’s creating jet suits or creating award-winning crystalware.

Technology is infiltrating many different sectors in increasingly powerful, wonderful ways. There is no such thing as typical R&D. And if you’re innovating, ForrestBrown wants to work with you.

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