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What is the online service for SMEs?

by Jenny Tragner

Introducing HMRC’s R&D tax credit online service

ForrestBrown participated in a long-running consultation with HMRC to help design this online service. Launched on 11 February 2019, it provides a format for HMRC to gather supporting information for SME R&D tax credit claims that we already provide as standard as part of our end-to-end claims process.

This service is not a substitute for preparing a robust R&D tax credit claim. It should only be completed after you have identified your qualifying R&D project(s), calculated your qualifying costsand the amount of any relief or credit. The new online service summarises the results of this process and provides this information to HMRC in a standardised format.

A full amended CT600 and computation should be completed prior to submitting this new form. For ForrestBrown clients, this is managed as part of our engagement.

HMRC have said a similar service will be made available for businesses making use of RDEC in May 2019.

If you are unsure about the documentation you need to include or how to submit the information, speak to the experts at ForrestBrown.

We are currently trialling this service and are in contact with HMRC to provide feedback on it. This article will be updated in the coming months as we find out more.

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This article was last updated on 26 April 2019.

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