Each year UK companies from virtually every sector lose millions of pounds in unclaimed tax credits. Businesses wouldn't dream of overpaying their electricity bills or suppliers' invoices, so why do so many pay more than they should to HMRC.

We are talking about the benefit of R&D (Research and Development) tax credits. Many companies are astounded to know they qualify.

In fact the number of claims between 2001 and 2012 rose from less than 2,000 to more than 12,000. A significant jump but it is thought this is still just scratching the surface of how many claims could actually be made.

The golden rule that every UK business should consider

You, your business, and your adviser, should never assume that R&D tax credits do not apply to your company.

R&D is not limited to ground breaking research and brand new inventions. If the company is taking a risk by innovating, improving or developing a process, product or service then it can qualify. For some companies R&D activities will be obvious, but for others, the process and functions may need to be investigated and unravelled. That’s where we come in.

The sheer volume and complexity of HMRC’s guidance and advice on which industries qualify for R&D tax credits may be somewhat overwhelming, so take a look at our Clients page and see the sectors in which we have made successful claims to date.

Still unsure – we recognise that working out whether your business will qualify can be time consuming and, as experts in this field, we can tell you whether your business is likely to qualify without taking valuable time away from your business. We are confident in our work, which is why you won’t have to pay any fees until the claim is successful.

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