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The summer season brings three new joiners to ForrestBrown and, with their arrival, an opportunity to reflect on the year so far…

At the year’s half-way point, there have already been plenty of successes at ForrestBrown. ForrestBrown’s founder and first employee each received significant recognition in the first half of the year: managing director Simon Brown won IoD South West Young Director of the Year – and is now shortlisted for the even more prestigious national version of the award in the 2017 UK finals. Meanwhile, director Lisa-Marie Smith won Rising Star at the Taxation Awards.

This year also saw the arrival of our fiftieth team-member. Now, continuing to grow, ForrestBrown is joined by three more team members. They are:

Jennifer Leake (pictured left) joins ForrestBrown as a tax manager. Jennifer trained at Deloitte where she gained her ACA qualification and worked in corporate tax and real estate. Before ForrestBrown, Jennifer had a multi-disciplinary tax-team role at Heineken.

Rebecca Smyth (pictured right) joins ForrestBrown as a tax consultant. Rebecca studied Economics at Cardiff University before training at Deloitte where she gained her ATT qualification and five years’ experience in global employer solutions, personal tax, and quality assurance.

And Hannah Sparrow (pictured middle) joins ForrestBrown’s business-development team. Before ForrestBrown, Hannah spent much of her career in visual merchandising and interior design, working with national and international brands such as Laura Ashley and Lucky Brand.

Jennifer, Hannah, and Rebecca all came along to our recent team-building retreat to Usk Castle in rural Wales – a fun way of fortifying existing relationships, and building new ones with the latest team-members.

Celebrating growth is important; but, for us, it is also important to take time to pause and reflect on the timeline of our four-year heritage. We have come a long way during this time – and these moments of reflection give a useful sense of perspective on our achievements, and ensure our growth is enjoyable and sustainable.

And the growth we celebrate is not just our own: in this year so far we have already generated over £50million of R&D tax-credits for innovative businesses in a huge variety of sectors, helping these companies to grow. We are fortunate to share in their experience of growth through the R&D incentive – and feel proud to do so.