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After a whirlwind 12 months we have arrived at our first birthday. We will be out celebrating with a wine-tasting in central Bristol. Can you guess which member of the team will be best at telling a Pinot Noir from a Merlot? We have a hunch!

A rapidly growing team and client base

Putting the party aside, I am immensely proud with how the team has developed the company in the first year.  In the late summer of 2013 I had just recruited my first member of staff: Lisa-Marie. After a year of hard and exemplary work she is now a director, and we are delighted to have acquired one Kerry, a Kelly, a Phil, a Ben and two Marks! And new arrivals are just around the corner.

Of course the growing team is a reflection of our growing client base. We have claimed over £8 million of R&D tax credits for innovative companies around the county. In particular we look after the Bristol and M4 corridor digital scene. But we have clients from Northern Ireland to Shoreditch and have made successful claims in most sectors. We still retain our 100% success rate.

New offices

In addition to all the recruitment and client wins, the other big event in our first year was our move from shared office space to our own premises in the heart of Clifton. With plenty of space and a free reign we have been able to create our own vibe – it’s a creative and fun place to work.

Providing expert advice in a fast moving industry

And what about the industry? Well that too has moved along briskly over the last 12 months. The R&D scheme for loss-making SMEs was enhanced in April from 11 to 14.5%. This means that as much as 32.625% of R&D expenditure can be reclaimed. For large companies ‘Above The Line’ relief became an option; whilst Patent Box also came into force. Film tax relief has been extended, Video Games Tax Relief was given state aid approval from the European Commission and a new Theatre Tax Relief has just been introduced.

It’s a great climate for innovative companies of every ilk. All this means that it has never been more important for such companies to seek specialist advice to get the most of the tax reliefs that are on offer. If you are innovating and want to explore your options call ForrestBrown today.

Here’s to another year of growth and success for us and our clients!