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AAT and ForrestBrown's guide to protecting your business from bad tax and accounting advice

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The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and ForrestBrown are united in pushing for the tighter regulation of tax advice. Together we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help businesses make good choices when it comes to buying accountancy or tax advice services.

It’s more important than ever that businesses understand the risks of unregulated accountants and tax advisers. Two-thirds of tax complaints to HMRC arise from the one-third of accountants and advisers who are unregulated.

When you consider that 90% of business decision-makers don’t know that R&D tax advice is unregulated and almost half (43%) of respondents incorrectly thought HMRC was responsible for regulation, a worrying picture emerges. Download the guide and take steps to protect your business now.

Access the ForrestBrown and AAT guide now.

Choosing a tax adviser based solely on price or convenience is fraught with risk. Download this special guide to discover simple, tried-and-tested ways to identify a reputable adviser. The guide features:

  • Leading insight from experts at the AAT and ForrestBrown.
  • Five essential questions to assess any accountant or tax adviser.
  • Real-life examples of working with unregulated advisers.
  • Analysis of ongoing and developing trends in HMRC compliance.
  • What effective tax advice should always offer you.

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Protect your business now

The Government is concerned by the mounting evidence of tax avoidance, unethical and even illegal behaviour by unregulated accountants.

As a result, it is looking at ways to raise standards and protect consumers. 2020 saw the launch of a significant Government consultation into raising standards in the tax advice market.

The AAT and ForrestBrown believe that professional body membership should be compulsory for anyone providing paid-for tax and accountancy services.

This will be the surest way to insulate UK businesses from bad tax advice. Right now, however, it pays to be an aware buyer.

Our guide will provide the tools you need to not only avoid unnecessary risk but proactively identify superior accountancy and tax advisory services. The difference it can make to you is enormous.

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Get the guide

Download the guide now for practical steps on how to protect your business from bad tax and accounting advice.

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