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When I think back to two years ago, I could scarcely have imagined how much ForrestBrown would have achieved by its second birthday. Today, the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Almost £30 million of R&D tax credits claimed for our clients
  • Over 500 businesses helped across the UK
  • 20+ members of staff in our vibrant team
  • Over 3500 sq. feet of stunning office space

These are all big numbers to have clocked up in such a short period of time. Better still, they tell a great story.

To some the topic of tax credits could be considered a little dry, but they represent the hard work, bright ideas and dedication of fantastic business people around the UK. These businesses – our clients – should be celebrated for their innovation, boosting the economy and creating jobs. To have advised more than 500 innovative companies – from every corner of the UK – is a great achievement of my team and has also been a pleasure. £30 million is, of course, a huge amount of money. To see the virtuous circle it creates in terms of reinvestment back into the businesses that earned them, gives me much confidence for the future of innovation in our country.

ForrestBrown has 21 employees now. When we started out I had a clear vision for the culture I aspired to create: both creative and disruptive, proactive, vibrant, and with a team spirit – in many ways a mirror of the best attributes of our clients. When a business grows it can be a challenge to retain that culture, but I am delighted to say that my original vision has been maintained and even enhanced. We have a wonderful team here – every member has bought into the values and helps to make it an inspiring place to work.

Our new office, too, is an embodiment of the culture. Bright, spacious, with plenty of break out space it gives us the right ambience to thrive. And, being in the heart of Bristol, it still taps into the creative and disruptive roots of the city – so, an important part of our own identity.

To sum it all up, two of our newest employees took the time took to make a birthday cake for us all to celebrate with. Thank you Clare and Emily for the cake, and thank you to everyone else who has contributed to this brief but incredible journey so far!