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  2. Making your first R&D tax credit claim

How to claim R&D tax credits with ForrestBrown

Get the credit you deserve

We use a rigorous, continually-improving process to deliver R&D tax credit claims that are fully maximised and stand up to HMRC scrutiny. Our exact process and the time required depends on your business and its needs, but our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Does your business qualify?

We’d love to find out more about your business to help determine if you’re eligible. Speak to our expert team today.

Our R&D tax credit claim process

  1. R&D tax credits discovery and assessment

    Discovery and assessment

    Your time = 1–2 hours

    Your dedicated point of contact and project team will introduce themselves and start to identify the information needed to create your claim.

  2. Information gathering & analysis

    Information gathering and analysis

    Your time = 4-6 hours

    Our chartered tax advisers and sector specialists will gather all the information we need for your claim from you directly. We will create a bespoke methodology based on your records.

  3. Creating your claim

    Creating your claim

    Your time = 0 hours

    We will document your claim for you, explaining how your activities and costs have been assessed, and your total R&D tax credit benefit determined.

  4. Approvals & submission

    Approvals and submission

    Your time = 1 hour

    We will share our reports with you for approval and will explain our findings. We will file your R&D tax credit claim for you via your Corporation Tax return (CT600) or work with your accountant to do so.

  5. Dealing with HMRC

    Dealing with HMRC on your behalf

    Your time = 0 hours

    After we’ve submitted your claim via your Corporation Tax return (CT600) we’ll keep in touch with HMRC to ensure minimal hold-ups. In the unlikely event HMRC opens an enquiry, we will work to resolve this for you.

    Typically HMRC process claims and pay your credit in 4-6 weeks.

  6. Receiving your benefit

    Receiving your benefit

    Your time = 0 hours

    You are rewarded for your investment in innovation and your Corporation Tax bill will be reduced or your cash benefit is paid into your bank account. That’s money to spark your next big idea and fuel your continued growth.

Why ForrestBrown?

Unrivalled technical expertise

We are a firm of chartered tax advisers, but we also have engineers, scientists and software experts amongst our ranks too. So whatever your field, our team of specialists will help you to identify all of your R&D projects and costs.

Unique HMRC insight

We have former HMRC inspectors in our ranks and are also an active member of HMRC’s Research & Development Communication Forum. You have access to a level of insight hard to find elsewhere and confidence that your R&D tax credit claim meets HMRC’s expectations.

A proactive approach

Our process is proactive, and we do all the heavy lifting for you. With ForrestBrown, you won’t waste your precious time filling in fiddly spreadsheets or writing up project descriptions. Our team will guide you through the process to minimise your time and maximise value.

Assembling the best team for your business

We will assemble a team of experts with the right specialisms to suit your business and its needs. These include chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants, lawyers, sector specialists, former HMRC inspectors, quality assurance experts and client relations specialists.

Katy Long

Chartered tax advisers and accountants: to oversee your claim and analyse your costs.

Peter Beavis

Sector specialists: to identify project costs and the full extent of your R&D.

Mark Andrew profile pic

Quality assurance: from a dedicated team including an ex-HMRC inspector.

Nicola Jarvie

Client relations managers: dedicated to you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

James Dudbridge

Enquiry support: from lawyers and tax advisers to liaise with HMRC on your behalf.

We’d love to talk to you

We’re privileged to see first-hand the positive impact that R&D tax incentives have on our clients’ businesses. And we’d love to discuss working together. Speak to us to find out more.

How much does it cost to claim R&D tax credits with ForrestBrown?

  • Our fee is contingent on our success and so we don’t charge unless you receive a benefit. It is calculated as a percentage of the benefit you receive.
  • It covers a completely end-to-end service. We don’t tie you into fixed-term agreements and there are no hidden extras.
  • It is also possible to engage us to carry out a consultancy project.
Education and awareness team

Get the credit you deserve and fuel your growth

We’d love to find out more about your business and discuss how we might be able to help. Speak to our team of chartered tax advisers, sector specialists and former HMRC inspectors today.