Kim Malik ForrestBrown
0117 926 9022

Kim Malik PhD

Research Manager

  • Experienced scientist who helps communicate clients’ R&D projects to HMRC
  • Doctorate in Organic Chemistry and degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Gained R&D tax experience in the Big Four

Expertise & specialisms

  • Organic chemistry
  • Materials science
  • Food science

Kim is an experienced scientist with a PhD in chemistry and degree in biochemistry. She has several years of Big Four tax credit experience and plays an invaluable role in communicating complex scientific R&D projects to HMRC.

After completing her PhD at the University of Exeter, Kim worked as a bench chemist and university tutor. She joined KPMG in 2007 and spent 13 years with the firm, working on RDEC claims for large companies.

At ForrestBrown, Kim brings a wealth of experience to our sector specialist team. She plays a key role in preparing claims by being a conduit between our clients’ technical teams and our tax specialists, enabling us to communicate our clients’ complex R&D projects effectively to HMRC.

She predominantly works with clients that have a materials science, chemistry or food science element to their R&D.

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