Creating our sustainable future. As a business in the renewables sector, you are the cornerstone of the UK’s net-zero strategy. Use R&D tax relief to fuel your ambitions and propel your growth.

R&D tax relief for the renewables sector

As part of the UK’s renewables sector, you are securing our transition to a greener future. Big strides have been made and a more sustainable world is being built before our eyes. But challenges persist.
The manufacturing and deployment of renewable technologies require a large up-front investment. That’s not new, but with government subsidies drying up and supply-chain uncertainty driving up raw materials costs, uncertainty lies ahead. You can overcome these challenges when your research and development is fully rewarded by R&D tax relief. If you're looking for an R&D specialist that will propel your growth and fuel your ambitions, ForrestBrown is ready to help.

R&D tax advice on your level

Benefit from our sector insight into even the most complex projects, resulting in larger, more robust claims. Your ForrestBrown team will include a proven combination of chartered tax advisers and renewables sector specialists. Our experts have hands-on industry experience, so are well-equipped to help you uncover all your R&D.

On your terms

We’d love to help you make the most of your innovation, whatever form that advice may take. We offer advisory support in the form of one-off consultancy projects, or full end-to-end claim support. Every consultancy project is built on our tried-and-tested methodology, ensuring our work and advice is consistent, clear, and flexible.

At your service

Your R&D tax relief claim will meet the highest industry standards, protecting you from risk. You can be confident because we don’t just advise on the incentive – ForrestBrown leads our industry. We’re members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and we work closely with HMRC to set industry standards and contribute to guidance.

Information gathering & analysis

Renewables R&D tax advice tailored to you

Armed with the right advice, R&D tax relief can transform your renewables business. Speak to ForrestBrown’s team of chartered tax advisers, sector specialists and former HMRC inspectors about how we can improve your claim.

Qualifying R&D in the renewables sector

There is a lot of R&D happening in renewables – so as an innovative business you may still be surprised to know the extent of projects that can qualify for R&D tax relief.  

Qualifying R&D can be found across a diverse range of renewable energy businesses. From large-scale solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms to advanced battery storage manufacturers, wind-farm developers and anaerobic digestor operators.

Examples of R&D in renewables include:

  • Creating new, or improving existing, renewable energy designs to increase power output.
  • Advanced groundworks preparation for the installation of renewables infrastructure.
  • Improving anaerobic digestor processes for increased output.
  • Reducing a plant’s emissions to comply with new legislation.
  • Experimenting with materials to make renewable solutions safer, faster, greener, or cheaper.
  • Enhancing the yield of solar panels through optimisation.
  • Developing energy from waste technologies.

R&D in the renewable energy ecosphere

R&D in renewable energy

Assembling the best team for you

Our renewables sector specialists offer unparalleled insight into your R&D, while our chartered tax advisers and accountants oversee your claim and analyse your costs. With HMRC scrutiny at an all-time high, our work is always checked by an in-house quality assurance team to mitigate the risk of enquiry.

Rebecca Wass

Chartered tax advisers and accountants: to oversee your claim and analyse your costs.

Gareth Randle

Sector specialists: to identify project costs and the full extent of your R&D.

Mark Andrew

Quality assurance: from a dedicated team including ex-HMRC R&D Unit inspectors.

Kate Coombs - Client Relations Manager

Account managers: dedicated to you to ensure everything runs smoothly.

James Dudbridge

Consultancy expertise: from lawyers and tax advisers with advice tailored to your business.

Renewables innovation – the value of R&D tax relief

The UK’s net-zero targets are hugely ambitious. Our 2050 goals are within grasp thanks to innovation in the renewables sector. But there’s so much more left to do.

The renewables sector faces an uphill battle. It continues to face enormous pressure from the funding gap caused by the withdrawal of subsidies, Brexit supply-chain uncertainty, and the associated expense and scarcity of raw materials.

The stakes are high and time is limited. The R&D tax incentive offers support for renewables businesses investing in our future. You recoup your investment so that you can take on even more risky projects, hire new technical staff and improve your technology.

Choosing the right adviser that matches your ambition and truly understands your work is a vital step in supercharging your innovation.

Why choose ForrestBrown

What does the best R&D tax advice for your business look like? The answer is specific to you. ForrestBrown will customise our service to match your requirements. Whether that’s handling your entire claim or supporting you with specific expertise on a consultancy basis.

R&D, especially in renewables, entails all sorts of different work. Don’t cram your diverse innovation into a rigid R&D tax service. ForrestBrown’s flexible approach helps save you time so that you benefit from a robust claim and better value for money.

HMRC R&D enquiry support

Speak to us about your renewables R&D tax relief claim

Do you require something more bespoke? If you’re looking for help on a consultative basis, whether that’s strategic  advice or enquiry support, our team of experts can help.