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Quality Assurance

Since ForrestBrown was founded, our ethos has been to do one thing brilliantly: R&D tax credit claims. Crucial to this is quality assurance (QA). This independent unit of chartered tax advisers, lawyers and former HMRC inspectors keeps standards high.

Quality assurance (QA) is an important part of our process. It protects your business from the risk of an under or over-valued claim, and ultimately HMRC enquiry. With ForrestBrown, you have confidence that your R&D tax credit claim reflects the full value of your R&D and stands up to scrutiny.

When your R&D tax credit claim is submitted by ForrestBrown, it has been through the same level of scrutiny it will receive at HMRC. You will get everything you deserve financially, with a low risk of enquiry.

Jenny Tragner CA ATT, Director and HMRC R&D Consultative Committee member
The QA team

Do you want to benefit from our market-leading quality assurance?

Whether you’re already claiming R&D tax incentives or not, speak to us to discuss how we can help your business.

Quality assurance process

Every R&D tax credit claim is unique – but our QA process is always the same. Here are the five steps every ForrestBrown claim goes through before being submitted to HMRC.
  • Due Dilligence icon

    Discovery assessment

    We begin by gathering information about your business to confirm your eligibility for R&D tax credits. Our assessment will be of your company’s size, sector, business activity, ownership structure, any grant funding you’ve received, and any work you might have been contracted to undertake. All of these can have an impact on your claim value and methodology.

  • Planning icon

    Planning and claim methodology

    We will work with you to determine what records you’ve been keeping, and craft a bespoke claim methodology. QA identify any potential risks facing your claim and, if needed, involve one of our former HMRC inspectors to help manage these.

  • Calculator icon

    Identifying and explaining your R&D

    One of our sector specialists will help identify which of your projects are eligible and document them on your behalf. We draft examples of your R&D projects and explain how they meet the definition of R&D. QA ensures these examples are robust and will stand up to scrutiny.

  • Narrative icon

    Your benefit

    Having gathered all of the financial information we need for your claim, we analyse your records, identify qualifying expenditure and apportion your costs. Then we calculate your R&D tax credit benefit. QA confirms your qualifying spend has been detailed correctly and ensures our rationale is rigorous.

  • Signoff icon

    Final review

    Although our QA team will have been involved at every step of the process, their final review ensures that any potential risks have been addressed and explained clearly as part of your claim documentation. They perform a suite of final checks and balances to ensure that your claim is ready for your approval, and for submission to HMRC.

Why is quality assurance important?

Quality assurance means your R&D claim is checked and rechecked prior to submission to withstand intense scrutiny. This is more important than ever. HMRC has shifted its approach from awareness of R&D tax incentives to quality for R&D tax credits.

Claims that have been quality assured in this way are both maximised in value and protected from risk. Ultimately, this is the difference between your business getting the full benefit to which it is entitled and missing out.

Quality assurance and risk management

At ForrestBrown, quality assurance and risk management go hand-in-hand. Our quality assurance process protects you from claim undervaluation and HMRC enquiry. If you are already facing an enquiry, ForrestBrown are available to step in and protect your business. Our experts will resolve the enquiry on your behalf, ensuring the best possible result depending on your needs.

We have also produced a risk management checklist you can use for due diligence in evaluating your choice of R&D tax credit adviser.

Benefits of quality assurance

Our quality assurance process gives you peace of mind and keeps you in control. With ForrestBrown, you know your claim:

  • Reflects the full value of your R&D
  • Resolves any potential risk areas
  • Meets HMRC’s evolving standards
  • Adheres to UK tax legislation
  • Substantiated by robust records over time

Meet the quality assurance team

Our quality assurance team is unique in our marketplace. Led by Jenny Tragner CA ATT, an R&D tax specialist and member of HMRC’s Consultative Committee, our QA team has unrivalled technical and sector expertise. It raises standards high and keeps them there.

We also have two former-HMRC inspectors in our ranks, too. Malcolm Henderson and Mark Andrew know what HMRC wants and expects, and bring this insight to our clients’ claims.

  • Jenny Tragner CA ATT
    Jenny Tragner CA ATT
  • Anna Szymańska
    Anna Szymańska
    Senior Tax Manager
  • James Dudbridge LLB
    James Dudbridge LLB
    Associate Director
  • Stephen James CTA
    Stephen James CTA
    Senior Tax Manager
  • Peter Beavis PhD
    Peter Beavis PhD
    Senior Sector Specialist
  • Rebecca Wass CTA
    Rebecca Wass CTA
    Senior Tax Manager
  • Tom Heslin MSc
    Tom Heslin MSc
    Senior Sector Specialist
  • Millie McNeill AAT
    Millie McNeill AAT
    Tax Consultant
  • Malcolm Henderson
    Malcolm Henderson
    Senior Tax Specialist & Former HMRC Inspector
  • Mark Andrew
    Mark Andrew
    Senior Tax Specialist & Former HMRC Inspector

The gold standard in R&D tax credit claims

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Winner Best independent consultancy firm

We wanted to partner with a specialist who we could trust to represent us to HMRC. ForrestBrown have a very credible reputation in this space. They have a great relationship with HMRC, and even sit on their R&D Consultative Committee, so we knew we were in safe hands.

Tom Jordan, MD, Acknowledgement

Knowing that ForrestBrown process claims day in, day out gives us confidence that they have thorough knowledge and understanding of the R&D legislation. They have a close working relationship with HMRC, so we always feel assured that our R&D tax credit claim is in safe hands.

Philip Spinks, FD, XQ Cyber

Having worked with ForrestBrown for several years, I can say with confidence that they are true experts when it comes to R&D tax incentives. Their understanding of both the tax rules and our sector makes entrusting them with our claim a no-brainer.

Stan Bond, Director, Principal Doorsets

What really makes ForrestBrown different from other providers is their combination of tax and industry expertise. With this mix of skills, they’re able to quickly understand the mechanics of our work, uncover all our R&D, and help us claim the money we’re entitled to.

Zoe Whiteley, Finance Manager, Atlantic Pacific Marine
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Whether you’re already claiming R&D tax incentives or not, speak to us to discuss how our QA process can add value to your business.

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