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Our consultancy services

At ForrestBrown, we understand that every business is unique and has its own specific challenges.

Some will already have internal capabilities for R&D tax credits, and others will not. Although most of our clients ask us to manage the entire R&D claim process on their behalf, this isn’t right for everyone.

We have the specialist tax, sector and legal expertise to deliver value whatever your circumstances. If you are looking for strategic advice, a consultancy project or facing an HMRC R&D tax credit enquiry – we can help.

A consultancy team tailored to your needs

Our first step is to put together a bespoke consultancy team matched to your specific needs. The team is handpicked and will be designed to deliver significant value to your business.

It will include a chartered tax adviser or accountant, a sector specialist, and members of our quality assurance and client relations teams. Depending on your needs, it may also include a lawyer or a former HMRC R&D unit inspector.

Jenny Tragner 2019

Our R&D tax consultancy service is led by Jenny Tragner CA at ForrestBrown. She is a director and also a member of HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee.

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    Getting to know you

    Understand your business R&D tax process

    We take the time to understand your business and develop a bespoke consultancy project that meets your needs and delivers maximum impact.

    • We will have a preliminary discussion with you to understand your business and your specific challenge, and to agree next steps.
    • The expert team we assemble will visit you and facilitate a workshop with your team to identify your needs.
    • We will work closely with your finance team to understand how your business and finances have been structured. A sector specialist will review your innovation with your in-house science or technology leaders.
    • We will provide you with a scope of work that outlines the bespoke solution we will provide – and our outputs.
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    Our recommendations and findings

    Working with ForrestBrown as a large company

    We develop a tailored solution that overcomes the challenge you face.

    • Our expert team will gather the information needed for our analysis directly from the relevant stakeholders in your business.
    • We will analyse your specific circumstances and develop a bespoke solution. Our output will include a detailed report of our findings that provides highly-specialised technical advice and actionable insight.
    • You might ask us to review your claim process to identify opportunities and risks, maximize value and increase efficiencies. We can also create recommendations to improve your record-keeping processes or develop training workshops for your in-house finance or technical teams.
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    Implementing our advice

    Working with HMRC to process your large company RDEC claim

    Your challenge is overcome and you are better placed to benefit from R&D tax incentives.

    • We will present our findings and recommendations to your senior management team for discussion.
    • We will be on hand to help your in-house team implement our advice, or if you prefer, our experts can take responsibility for managing this ourselves.
    • We will monitor effectiveness to ensure that your challenge has been overcome and that you are in the best possible position to benefit from R&D tax incentives in future.
  • Are you looking to benefit from our technical firepower?

R&D tax credit enquiry support

A small percentage of claimants will receive a letter from HMRC saying that they are investigating their R&D tax credit claim. If this has happened to you, ForrestBrown is able to support you through the process – whether you need SME or RDEC enquiry defence, or both.

We have an excellent understanding of HMRC’s expectations because we interact with them every day as part of our R&D tax credit claims process. Also, our seat on HMRC’s Consultative Committee means we policy-level insight.

Our exact process will depend on your business and your needs, but you can expect enquiry support with ForrestBrown to include the following steps:

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    Review your documentation

    We will ask you to send us your R&D tax credit claim(s) and any correspondence you have received from HMRC. We will carry out a thorough review of the claim and any discussions held prior to our involvement.

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    How we can add value

    Following our analysis, we will advise you whether there is an opportunity for us to help you. If we’re able to, we will arrange for a hugely experienced team to manage the enquiry for you, providing expert support to secure the best possible result.

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    Identifying next steps

    We will contact HMRC to introduce ForrestBrown and ensure next steps and timings are agreed.

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    Gathering information

    We will collect any further information required. Our expert team will work directly with your competent professional and finance team when their input is needed.

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    Responding to HMRC’s concerns

    We will draft a formal written response to HMRC. Sometimes, this will resolve the enquiry and mean HMRC is able to close it. However, a face-to-face or telephone meeting may be required.

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    Discussion and resolution

    Further discussions may continue until a satisfactory resolution is reached. If it comes to negotiation, we will be there. It is essential to have an experienced adviser to resolve HMRC enquiries and secure the best result for your business.

It is best to assume that it might take a while, with long periods of waiting, even if your enquiry was open for some time before contacting us. The average enquiry length is four to five months – sometimes enquiries are concluded in shorter time-frames, but they may take longer.

Find out more about HMRC enquiries

How much our services cost

  • We charge a consultancy fee that reflects the value that we bring to your organisation. It is based on time and materials.
  • This is informed by our initial discussions with you, and agreed prior to work commencing.
  • Depending on the project, it may include a contingency element based upon the uplift we achieve.

Why choose ForrestBrown as a consultant

The transformative power of R&D tax credits and the value of a good relationship with HMRC cannot be overstated. They have the potential to have a significant impact on your business and its future success. That’s why it’s not worth taking any chances when it comes to this valuable tax incentive.

Our specialist technical firepower, considerable experience of working with HMRC and international scope means that you have the best possible support when you need it most. Whatever challenge you face or internal support you require, ForrestBrown is here for you. Contact director Jenny Tragner and her team today to discuss how we can work with you.

R&D consultancy services with Jennifer Tragner

To discuss your specific challenge and find out more about consultancy services, speak to Jenny Tragner and her team on: