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ForrestBrown’s forest continues to grow

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At ForrestBrown, our mission is to help innovative businesses grow. We do this by assisting businesses in accessing vital funding to invest in research and development that tackles global challenges like climate change and healthcare. Despite our focus on innovation incentives, we also want to make our own positive social and environmental impact.

One organisation that we are proud to partner with in support of this is TreeAid  – a charity working in the drylands of Africa to tackle poverty and the effects of climate change by planting trees.

With TreeAid’s help, for every R&D tax relief claim that ForrestBrown prepares on behalf of a client, a tree is planted. As our business and client base continues to grow, so too does the “ForrestBrown forest”, with over 14,000 trees planted to date.

Not only are we proud of our achievement in helping to support our planet and its vulnerable populations, but it demonstrates the breadth and depth of our specialist technical expertise. Every claim is prepared with care to ensure that it meets HMRC’s requirements, just as trees have been nurtured.

At ForrestBrown, we offer:

  • Market-leading tax advice: across a range of incentives – UK R&D tax reliefs, grant funding, Patent Box relief and capital allowances – and sectors;
  • Specialist expertise: our team includes chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants, lawyers, former HMRC inspectors and industry-experienced science and technology specialists; and
  • Unparalleled policy insight: we’re passionate about the transformative power of innovation incentives which is why we play an active role in shaping tax policy and championing professional standards.

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