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Making an R&D tax credit claim

ForrestBrown’s award-winning approach to research and development (R&D) tax credit claims delivers maximum value to you.

We’ve developed a process that is robust and adaptable, tailored to your needs whatever your size, sector or structure. It’s an approach that we constantly refine to ensure it achieves more for your business with minimal risk.

What we offer our clients is much more than a rigorous process. By making a claim with ForrestBrown, you benefit from the passion and specialist technical expertise of an outstanding team.

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Assembling the best team for your business

After an initial discussion to confirm that you are eligible, we put together a bespoke team matched to your business needs.

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We handpick individuals with the right specialisms. These include chartered tax advisers or accountants, sector specialists, two former HMRC inspectors and members of our quality assurance and client relations teams.

You benefit from our specialist technical firepower because you have the right people working on the right part of your claim.

Are you a large company? Find out more about our large company R&D services.

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    Information gathering

    making an R&D tax claim

    We are proactive and efficient with your time.

    • The expert team we assemble for you will arrange a kick-off call to introduce themselves and start to identify the information needed to create your claim.
    • We will work with whatever systems and records you already have. We won’t ever ask you to fill in a spreadsheet or write a project description. We are proactive and do all the heavy-lifting so that you don’t have to.
    • If you’d like us to, we’re happy to work with your accountant directly to obtain your accounts and payroll information.
    Read about our work with NEWSUBSTANCE


    Our accountant thought it was for people in white coats, not us. Fortunately, we sought a second opinion from ForrestBrown who were able to identify significant qualifying activity.


    Patrick O’Mahony, Creative Director, NEWSUBSTANCE

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    We identify your qualifying activities and costs

    Determining qualifying R&D expenditure for your R&D claim

    We maximise your claim by uncovering the full extent of your qualifying activities and costs.

    • Matching the right ForrestBrown specialist to the right people in your business is the key to making our process easier and more efficient.
    • Our team of sector specialists will work directly with the science or technology experts in your business to determine the full extent of your qualifying R&D.
    • A tax specialist will work directly with your finance team to identify all of your relevant qualifying costs.
    • No stone is left unturned. We will look beyond the most obvious R&D projects and expenditure to fully maximise your claim.
    Read about our work with P&M Aviation


    Having ForrestBrown on board as experts opened our eyes to the potential to make a claim against a far broader range of activities and expenditure than we initially thought, and I'd advise other companies to look very closely at the range of activities that could qualify as they might be surprised.

    P&M Aviation

    Andrew Cranfield, Chairman, P&M Aviation

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    We create a methodology bespoke to you

    Completing R&D tax credit claim

    Quality assurance is built-in, giving you peace of mind that your claim is robust and protected from risk.

    • We understand that every business is different. A quality assurance specialist will create a bespoke methodology unique to your business, your activities and your records.
    • We will create a report for you to review. It will include a technical narrative, a summary of the costs you have incurred and how we have arrived at your total benefit figure.
    • Before this is sent to you for approval, it will undergo a detailed review by our quality assurance team. This includes sign-off by a former HMRC R&D unit inspector.
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    We deal with HMRC on your behalf

    Submitting your R&D claim form to HMRC

    We take care of everything to ensure minimal hold-ups and queries.

    • We will submit your report and amend your Corporation Tax return (CT600), incorporating your R&D tax credit calculation – unless you prefer us to help your accountant to do so.
    • We will follow up with HMRC to check on your claim’s progress.
    • In the unlikely event that HMRC opens an enquiry relating to your R&D tax credit claim, we will resolve this for you at no extra cost.
    Read about our work with Dartington Crystal


    Knowing that R&D tax credits are there focuses the mind on innovation. In my role, I always question where the innovation is so I can allocate extra staff to true R&D projects. I’d suggest that companies who qualify look beyond the obvious cash benefit. The real power of this tax incentive comes when you use your imagination as to how you can spend the money to drive your growth.

    Dartington Crystal

    Alan Ramsay, Finance Director

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    Receiving your R&D tax credit

    Receiving your HMRC R&D tax credit

    You are rewarded for your investment in innovation.

    • It typically takes HMRC between four and six weeks to process a claim, although RDEC can sometimes take a little longer. Your R&D tax credit cash benefit is paid directly into your bank account.
    • If your business is profitable, your overall Corporation Tax bill will be reduced, or if you have already paid your bill for the period, you will receive a repayment.
    • If your business made a loss for the period, you will receive a R&D tax credit cash refund.
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  • Are you ready to start a claim with ForrestBrown?

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ForrestBrown have the specialist tax, sector and legal expertise to deliver value whatever your circumstances.

How much it costs to claim R&D tax credits

  • We don’t charge unless you receive a benefit, so it’s risk-free for you.
  • Our fee covers a completely end-to-end service. We don’t tie you into fixed-term agreements and there are no hidden extras.
  • We charge our fee as a percentage of the benefit you receive. And you only pay after you’ve received your payable credit and/or Corporation Tax reduction.

Why choose ForrestBrown?

When it comes to R&D tax credit claims, ForrestBrown is the premier provider in the UK. We were named ‘best independent consultancy firm’ at the Taxation Awards 2018 in recognition of our technical excellence and service innovation.

We bring together a specialist team that gives you access to unrivalled technical firepower. We use a rigorous, continually-improving process to deliver a claim that is maximised and stands up to HMRC scrutiny.

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