Tree MA(Cantab) MBCS

Senior Sector Specialist

Tree - sector specialist
  • Hardware and software specialist who helps translate our clients’ projects for HMRC.
  • Former CTO with experience in games programming, big data, AI, databases and IoT.
  • Studied Optoelectronics.
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As one of our software specialists, Tree is an invaluable resource for clients wishing to maximise digital R&D tax credit claims.

Tree has a degree in physics from the University of Cambridge. He began his career as a lead games programmer, which included working on high-profile Sony games for the original PlayStation. Since then Tree has largely worked for tech start-ups, often witnessing the transformative effect of R&D tax credits firsthand from the client side.

Over the course of more than two decades Tree has worked with a multitude of platforms and included games tech, big data, artificial intelligence, psychological assessments, databases of every kind and IoT technology in his experience.

Familiar with a wide range of programming languages from assembly language to JavaScript, PHP and C#; Tree has also led software development as manager, VP and CTO at a number of hi-tech SMEs. Two notable projects that Tree has completed were writing an opensource library for beacons for iOS and Android, and writing GPGPU server software to convert video and images in real time into hexagonal pixels.

As his career shows, Tree has a passion for working with innovative tech firms. At ForrestBrown he is able to share his knowledge with many of our clients who work with digital technology, helping them to maximise their funding from R&D tax credits.