Senior Sector Specialist

  • Software, electronics and physical sciences specialist.
  • Former CTO with 30 years’ experience in high-tech businesses.
  • MA in Physics from Cambridge

Expertise & specialisms

  • Software
  • Video streaming and media processing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • IoT technology
  • Databases

Tree has been at the forefront of tech for more than two decades. His expertise spans computer game design, digital music, databases, cloud services, artificial intelligence, psychological assessments and IoT technology. He also has a degree in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

Tree’s career started with a game programmer role, developing high-profile games for the original Sony Playstation. Since then, he has worked with cutting-edge tech startups.

Familiar with a wide range of programming languages including JavaScript, PHP, assembly language, Python, Java and C#, Tree has also led software development as manager, VP and CTO at a number of tech companies. 

Two notable projects Tree has worked on include writing the first open source cross-platfrom library for beacons for iOS and Android, and writing GPU-based server software to convert video and images in real time for hexagonal pixel displays. 

Tree brings his background as a CTO to support our associations in the software and hardware space. Speaking on webinars, writing content (such as his published article in IT Pro Portal) and speaking to association members, Tree helps businesses to identify how they can make efficiencies when placing technology claims.

Possessing a combination of technical flair and business acumen, Tree has a passion for helping tech firms innovate and grow. He has witnessed firsthand the impact that R&D tax reliefs can have on growing an innovative team. After joining ForrestBrown in 2019, he has been able to channel his knowledge and creativity to help our digital technology clients maximise their funding from R&D tax relief and worked on a number of responses to government consultations regarding the future of the tax relief.

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