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Luke Sturgess-Durden MSc

Sector Specialist

  • Over 20 years’ experience in software engineering
  • Former CTO who has worked in many fields at startups and multinationals
  • Worked in FinTech and Healthtech

Expertise & specialisms

  • Web and mobile
  • Database engineering
  • Cloud technology

Luke has been a leader in tech innovations since the early 2000s. After studying mathematics, computing and education at the Universities of Oxford and Bath he taught maths and IT for several years before embarking on a career in software engineering.

Luke has worked for several start-ups, some of which have gone on to become successful enterprises. He has amassed experience in the HealthTech and FinTech sectors, developing systems used nationally by the NHS and working on an innovative Tax Pooling platform used in New Zealand.

In many of his roles, Luke has been the ‘Competent Professional’, submitting many R&D tax claims for his innovative, ground-breaking work. A recent position saw Luke leading development on a number of high profile projects for Google, Meta and The Home Office.

Luke is always striving to stay ahead of the game with the latest advances in the field of software engineering and technology. He has worked with most of the major tech stacks and cloud computing providers and takes a great interest in blockchain, quantum computing and AI.

Luke joined us from JP Morgan where he worked on the unification of their internal management platforms, which handle millions of requests a week from over 300,000 employees. He is a certified ScrumMaster and appreciates the benefits of using agile practices like Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration/Deployment to facilitate the bringing of new R&D projects to market.