Aaron Carter

Data Engineer

  • Experienced data engineer.
  • Provides technical solutions to help deliver efficiencies and insights.
  • Aligns data strategies with business objectives.

Aaron brings over five years of experience crafting data-driven solutions across diverse industries such as technology, renewable energy, and sports science, with a strong focus on Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, and Data Architecture.

At ForrestBrown, Aaron has honed his skills to empower businesses with automation, system integration, reporting, and actionable insights.

His role entails not only providing technical solutions but also guiding teams on maximizing the potential of their systems and processes through data utilisation. Aaron thrives on collaboration, spending considerable time engaging with subject matter experts to harness their insights and align data strategies with business objectives.

Detail-oriented and methodical in his approach, Aaron excels in dissecting complex problems into manageable steps. He possesses a genuine passion for ForrestBrown, tailoring data solutions that seamlessly integrate with our operations. For Aaron, the ultimate reward lies in delivering solutions that tangibly enhance business outcomes and foster a sense of accomplishment among his co-workers.