The construction sector is changing rapidly. Give your work a solid strategic foundation. Structure your construction projects for success with R&D tax relief.

R&D in construction: funding innovation

R&D tax relief is much more than a source of reliable cash flow for construction firms. Value is indeed important – but used strategically, the incentive can transform your business.
Imagine fully-costed, sustainable products as standard. Supply-chain complexity removed. Cheaper, more efficient materials delivered on time, every time, and more technicians with the skills you need. A return to full productivity. R&D is a critical part of making this vision real. Well-structured, prudent R&D tax credit claims can buttress this innovation. The right advice makes a big difference – and if you’re seeking the UK’s premier R&D tax relief consultancy, ForrestBrown is the natural choice.

On your level

ForrestBrown’s sector specialists have decades of experience on-site. We work on your level, on even the most complex projects. The end result? More robust (and potentially larger) R&D tax relief claims. ForrestBrown is well-equipped to help you uncover all your qualifying R&D.

On your terms

ForrestBrown helps you make the most of your innovation. What form that help takes is up to you. We offer advisory support in the form of one-off consultancy projects or full end-to-end claim support. Every consultancy project is built on our tried-and-tested methodology, ensuring our work and advice is consistent, clear, and flexible.

Industry-leading standards

Your R&D tax relief claim will meet the highest industry standards, protecting you from risk. ForrestBrown not only advises on the incentive, we lead our industry as a whole. ForrestBrown is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and works closely with HMRC to set industry standards and contribute to guidance.

Construction R&D tax advice on your terms

Equipped with the right strategic adviser, R&D tax relief can be transformative for your construction business. ForrestBrown works on your terms: from targeted, project or situation-specific consultancy to your full R&D tax relief claim.

R&D in the construction industry

So much can happen during any construction project: Unexpected sparks of inspiration, unforeseen difficulties, uncertainty and delays. Simply put, your sector is a challenging one.

R&D is all about seeking advances, overcoming obstacles and resolving uncertainty. On most construction or engineering projects, there’s a healthy dose of all these things. But while R&D projects do align in some way, there is no one particular type or version of R&D in construction.

In your sector, R&D usually relates to the innovative use of materials or overcoming problems on site. Often there are unique circumstances in which only a bespoke solution will meet stringent performance standards.

Examples of qualifying R&D in the construction industry

  • Creating, or experimenting with, new materials for use in construction or engineering projects.
  • Developing new or improved technology into existing buildings.
  • Adapting equipment or processes to meeting new regulatory requirements e.g. fire, health & safety, sound and thermal.
  • Creating and deploying new mechanical and electrical systems into buildings.
  • Modifying existing components and fittings into projects.
  • Developing new or improved equipment for use in construction.
Enquiry support and tax advisory

Speak to us about your construction R&D tax relief claim

Find out how our team of chartered tax advisers, construction sector specialists and former HMRC inspectors can help. Whether that’s a full R&D tax relief claim – or targeted consultancy for your existing claim.

The ForrestBrown way: assembling the best team for you

We hand-pick a specialist team to manage your specific needs. ForrestBrown’s sector specialists have decades of construction experience, offering a unique peer-to-peer service for you. Our specialists work side-by-side with chartered tax advisers, lawyers and our QA team that deliver robust specialist advice that protects you from risk.

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Jenny Tragner CA ATT (Fellow)

Director & Head of Policy

Mike Harrison

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Mike Harrison BSc(Eng) ACGI MNI

Senior Sector Specialist

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Mark Andrew

Senior Tax Specialist and ex-HMRC Inspector

Gareth Randle

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Gareth Randle Pr Tech Eng MSAICE

Senior Sector Specialist

Robin Taylor

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Robin Taylor BEng

Senior Sector Specialist

Phil Smith CTA

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Phil Smith CTA

Technical Lead

Alex Price director

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Alex Price CTA


Construction innovation — the value of R&D tax relief

The construction sector has its enduring challenges: raw materials cost on the rise, bad debts, finding skilled technicians (and their associated high salary overheads). R&D tax relief can play a positive part in rising above and moving beyond these difficulties.

Government funding for construction

R&D tax relief rewards innovation – and provides the basis for future innovation too. Used strategically, the incentive can be used to demonstrate an early return on projects and influence commercial decisions. You can use your benefit to invest in your future R&D and business growth: whether that’s accelerating R&D, hiring new technicians or making more competitive bids.

Beyond just claiming

The number of businesses claiming R&D tax relief in the construction sector has boomed. But, there’s a notable difference between claiming the incentive – and actually maximising its full potential. R&D tax relief is not just a source of cash. It’s a strategic mechanism, designed to propel your business into the future.

The risk of bad advice

As take up of the incentive has boomed, the number of R&D tax relief advisers has risen as well. This comes with its own risks. Many advisers offer cheap and quick services ill-suited to the complexities of your tax affairs or your projects. HMRC scrutiny of R&D tax credit claims is at an all-time high. You need advice that’s measured, sensitive to risk and robust.

Why choose ForrestBrown

What does the best R&D tax advice for your business look like? The answer is unique to you. ForrestBrown will customise our service to meet your requirements. Whether that’s handling your entire claim or supporting you with specific expertise on a consultancy basis.

R&D, especially in construction, entails all sorts of different work. Don’t cram your diverse innovation into a rigid R&D tax service. ForrestBrown’s flexible approach helps save you time so that you benefit from a robust claim and better value for money.

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