If you are reading this article you will have seen the new ForrestBrown website. It’s responsive which means it will intuitively adapt to your screen size.

Around the site you will see that we make a big thing of the fact that many companies simply don’t know that R&D tax credits may be available to them.

Well, the company that designed this website is a case in point.

Innovation in mobile marketing

No, the designers were not in white coats, they dress pretty casually as it happens. But they are innovating and coming up with solutions to make sure that the websites they design display effectively on multiple screen sizes: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Mobile is at the sharp end of marketing at present so there is plenty of potential for developing the industry and breaking new ground. And that means opportunities for R&D tax credits.

Does your digital agency work in mobile?

If your speciality is in mobile development, the chances are you will not know where to begin to look for your R&D tax credit claim of up to 225%. And, as it is such a specialist area, even your accountants may struggle to recognise the potential.

If you are in this space though, it is worth considering. You may be eligible for an unexpected windfall either on past work or projects in development. One thing is certain: other digital agencies are making successful claims based on their innovative work. And a typical claim may mean a benefit of thousands of pounds – minimum, but perhaps much more.

R&D tax credits could give you a key competitive advantage

If you are eligible and don’t claim you could be missing out on a key competitive advantage. Why not give us a call to discuss your eligibility?

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