Lisa-Marie (above with Managing Director Simon Brown) has been with ForrestBrown since day one, and is a Director with a special focus on developing new business.

Although Bristol based, she spends at least two days a week working out of our London office where she has a special focus on the digital sector – a key component in many research and development (R&D) tax credit claims. We caught up with her to understand what it is like to work at ForrestBrown.


Whisked out of Bristol Parkway on the fast train to London. Armed with a strong cup of tea I review an R&D tax credit claim compiled by one of our tax managers. This is part of our quality assurance process where every claim is peer reviewed to ensure that it’s of the highest standard.


I’ve checked into our London office in the WeWork building in Moorgate. Time to catch up with my emails and a quick call back to the team in Bristol. Then it’s out of the door again for a meeting with a prospective client, a disruptive tech company in the travel sector.


One morning meeting down, one to go. The second one is back at WeWork with a software company that also rents space in the building. My diary is packed with these meetings and I really enjoy them. I love meeting new people and getting to know their business. Everyone at ForrestBrown plays an active role in growing the business but each team member can manage their involvement to suit their individual strengths.


Time for a quick bite of lunch as I catch up with fellow ForrestBrown director Adam Kotas. He has joined me in London as we are hosting a drop-in clinic at WeWork to introduce ourselves and ForrestBrown to the other companies in the building. There are a lot of innovative companies working here and if we can help them with their funding, great!


And breathe! Just spent two hours explaining R&D tax credits and handing out doughnuts. Even the security guard got one delivered as he couldn’t leave his post. Made some great connections. Last part of the day is catching up with some admin around building the new business pipeline and checking up on a couple of the claims that the Bristol team are working on.


Halfway back to Bristol. Sometimes I will work on the train home, but it’s been a long day so zoning out. Our ethos is that you work hard but have that flexibility to have a longer lunch here and there or leave a little earlier if you need it. Tomorrow I’ll be working from the Bristol office and I like that variety. We may specialise in a niche area of tax, but everyone who works here has the opportunity to shape their role to play to their skill set.