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Simon Brown CTA

Managing Director & Founder

Simon Brown founder and managing director
  • Founded ForrestBrown in 2013.
  • Qualified chartered tax adviser (CTA).
  • Drives our continued growth and established our unique culture.
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Simon is the driving force behind our rapid growth. He founded ForrestBrown in 2013 having identified an acute need from innovative companies for highly targeted R&D tax credit advice. They either did not recognise their activities could qualify for the valuable tax incentive, or were not claiming for all that they were entitled.

In an extra twist, he modelled the culture of ForrestBrown on the vibrant and often disruptive style of many of the client companies he was advising – far removed from the traditional image of a tax consultancy.

Simon is a highly experienced R&D tax credit specialist and chartered tax adviser himself. His vision and values have created a thriving, vibrant R&D tax credit consultancy that wins awards for its technical expertise, service and entrepreneurial flair.