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Are you getting the credit you deserve?

So you’re already claiming R&D tax credits. That’s great! But there’s a sting in the tail: not all R&D tax credit claims (or, indeed, advisers) are created equal.

If your claim experience is one of laborious, spreadsheet-filling tedium, it’s time to ask “What am I paying my adviser for?” Certainly, if your claim amounts have not increased year-on-year, then you’re likely missing out.

The R&D tax credit advisory market is a busy one, brimming with competing claims of excellence and professionalism. Parsing through this crowded field can be overwhelming. That’s why ForrestBrown has put together a ten-point checklist of what you can expect from an industry-leading R&D tax credit adviser.

Download your checklist now

It pays to choose an R&D tax credit adviser with care. Our ten-point checklist will show you simple ways to identify what award-winning R&D tax credit advisory looks like – and what it doesn’t.

Download the checklist to:

  1. Sense check your current R&D tax credit claim process.
  2. Fact check any claims and promises made by advisers.
  3. Identify a new R&D tax credit adviser.


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